We had so much fun that year! It was wonderful. Hawaii is soo... beautiful it seems like, well, paradise!



Talk about heaven on earth. Jack had a terrific season fishing that fall. He brought home enough extra money to surprise us all with a family Christmas in Hawaii. Believe me it was absolutely wonderful.

We spent a ton of time at the beach, sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling and taking long romantic walks at night when the kids were asleep. This sure made up for all those months Jack has been away over the years fishing in the Bering Sea.

The food was terrific and everything smells so incredible in Hawaii. The water was about 85 degrees, so was the air and so was the rain. Weird but wonderful. We went whale watching and took a snorkeling trip out to someplace called Molokini which is a mostly submerged rim of a volcano. I didn’t know this before I went but all the islands are actually volcanos that sit on the sea floor thousands of feet below the surface of the sea. 

It was the most amazing time. It seems like a dream to me now.